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About Carpool

Founded in early 2010, Carpool is a boutique internal communications consulting agency that provides flexible development solutions and innovative strategy to small, medium, and large organizations.

Carpool is about fostering connections between people and the information they need to get work done. Built upon the principles of social communication and the value of working out loud, Carpool implements intuitive strategies and communications tools that help teams and companies work better.

The company was originally a side project among designers, developers, and strategists who got together to build customized websites and content management systems. As demand for their work skyrocketed beyond what the founders could accomplish part-time—and as they developed a reputation for delivering solutions that were built faster, more scalable, and cheaper than their competitors—the founders of Carpool began to notice a common pain point in need of a solution: Most companies don't just need communications tools, but also strategies and principles to help them get the most out of those tools and improve the flow of information in the workplace.

Carpool has evolved into a full-fledged internal communications agency that helps companies deliver critical information between executives and employees in the same way advertising agencies deliver messages to their customers. Carpool has helped such clients as Microsoft and Facebook facilitate information faster, more efficiently, and in ways that drive business goals.

Carpool’s flagship product turns content-management systems into attractive and dynamic team sites that filter content organically through hashtags and utilize an intuitive, cloud-based content editor.

These days, Carpool helps clients manage how information is disseminated throughout complex organizations by focusing on three areas of internal content: conversation, creation, and consumption. Through steady company growth and expanding expertise in internal communications for some of the world’s largest and most multifaceted international companies, Carpool continues to evolve its tools and strategies to help people evolve the way they work.

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