Carpool Environment Design

We want to help you work better. That means designing an environment, not selling a tool. At Carpool, our goal, first and foremost, is to build you a work environment that facilitates a flow of information and allows your people to work faster, easier, and more accurately.

It Begins With People

Who are you? What do your people do? What value do they bring to the team? How do they fit into your overall organization?

Each person is a potential touchpoint for vital information and we want to understand where they fit, what they need to do their jobs more efficiently, and what value they offer to others. Carpool’s value mapping process allows us to build an all-up blueprint of your internal communications. This serves as the foundation from which we can help you increase the value of your entire community. Everyone has value; we want to maximize that value and help them share it.

Once we pull together relevant data about your people—who they are, what they do, how they interact, and how social they are—we can develop a firm understanding of how information moves throughout your organization. Most importantly, we can begin to see the gaps in that flow.

Technology That Works for You

If people are the touchpoints for information, then technology is the conduit through which the information flows. Our mission is to ensure that conduit connects the right people in the right way to deliver information as quickly as possible.

This requires an in-depth analysis of your existing communication tools and how people use them. We research the types of tools, whether they are used effectively, additional tools that can further improve the flow of information, and then develop a plan to fit all the technology pieces together into a cohesive communications package.

Every organization sets guidelines, whether consciously or not, that dictate how information is guided by specific tools and, ultimately, how it is created, accessed, shared, and consumed. We uncover those guidelines, look for gaps, and design an environment that removes the blockers in your information flow.

Data-Based Results

Carpool will create a technology plan for you. Furthermore, we build the infrastructure to measure and track your internal communications. In today’s digital world, it’s possible to track just about anything. We make informed decisions with measurable outcomes, founded on a baseline with key indicator tracking. We can see how people use the communications tools available to them and determine how best to help your people use technology to do work better.

Content is King

Content is more than just a buzzword—it is the difference between bulk data and meaningful information that can have positive impacts on the way people work.

Carpool will analyze where your content originates and how it flows. Is your internal communications content derived from external sources or internal? Which members of your team generate content? Which executives generate content? And, most importantly, who is consuming that content and how?

When we understand your company’s content consumption patterns, we can understand how people utilize data and how to package it in the most effective way. Carpool helps teams understand the benefits of strong content management. We create a strategy for you to highlight the most important and valuable information that is based on your company mission, vision, and priorities.

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