Carpool Support Services

Unlike some other agencies, we don’t cut and run. Carpool is here to help well after the environment design and implementation phases. That’s because our goal isn’t to sell you a product; we want to help you do what do, only better.

We care about the work we do and we want to be there to ensure your success.

Community Management

In order to make sure your information is flowing efficiently, and that it keeps doing so, Carpool’s team of engagement strategists, community managers, and content specialists stay on board to answer questions and foster strong connections and a sense of belonging within your community. We find the people who best embody the principles of effective internal communications and give them the support they need to succeed and serve as an example for the power of social communications.

Community managers stay on board and continue to analyze and find solutions for unmet needs. Carpool addresses issues as they arise and keeps your workplace community vibrant, open, and engaged.

Training and Coaching

Carpool specializes in identifying and implementing creative campaigns for your new network and major content rollouts.

This includes:

  • Training on basic Enterprise Social features, functionality, and best practices. Multiple one-hour training sessions will be provided.
  • Training materials that inform of basic Enterprise Social features, functionality, and best practices.
  • A reoccurring weekly or bi-weekly check-in of approximately 30 minutes in length will be scheduled upon project kickoff. This includes reviewing some of the highlights and allows opportunities for questions regarding activity in a community.
  • A one-hour Enterprise Social event can serve as replacement for a weekly or biweekly check-in to teach the community how to manage feedback from users in a social group, as well as the benefits of integrating a similar event into the workspace.
  • Group monitoring of the community will span from the initial creation to the end of the 3-month mark. A community manager will check in with the group regularly to answer questions, motivate users to share their thoughts, and provide other services to encourage a healthy community.
  • A basic data pull/recap will be provided at the end of the 1-month and 3-month marks.

Content Strategy

Content is how we make information and data useful, polished, and consumable for a diverse audience. The content we publish allows us to show our value and provide value to others. Carpool wants to help you do more than just move information from one place to another; we want to show you how best to make that information relevant so your people can do their jobs better than ever before.

We help you establish a consistent cadence to publish relevant content strategically. Furthermore, we coach you on how to create and share internal content that goes viral and has the largest impact possible. Carpool maintains a staff of content strategists and writers who are ready and eager to help your key content creators succeed. We work with key content creators to develop a taxonomy based on your company vision, mission, and priorities.

If you’re ready to learn more about Carpool’s support capabilities and processes, schedule a demo today.