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We are always thinking about how to make work better. From how we conduct informal conversations to how we publish formal internal content, Carpool is constantly pondering and publishing new strategies and principles to help guide your internal communications.
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Data-Driven Collaboration Part 3: Sustaining Performance through Continuous Value Delivery

In Part 1 of our series on Data-Driven Collaboration, “How Rich Data Can Improve Your Communication,” we identified how to plan for collaboration by ensuring that goals were established and aligned with our organizational strategy. We then moved on to Part 2, “Recognizing Personas and Behaviors to Improve Engagement,” to explain how you can build engagement by managing behaviors. In this, the final post in our series, co-authored by Swoop Analytics and Carpool Agency, we will identify how to sustain the momentum to ensure that value is continuously delivered as a matter of course.

Data-Driven Collaboration Part 2: Recognizing Personas and Behaviors to Improve Engagement

In Part 1 of this series, “Data-Driven Collaboration Design”—a collaboration between Swoop Analytics and Carpool Agency—we demonstrated how data can be used as a diagnostic tool to inform the goals and strategies that drive your business’ internal communication and collaboration.

Data-Driven Collaboration Part 1: How Rich Data Can Improve Your Communication

This is the first of a series, coauthored by Laurence Lock Lee of Swoop Analytics and Chris Slemp of Carpool Agency, in which we will explain how you can use rich, people-focused data to enhance communication, increase collaboration, and develop a more efficient and productive workforce.

How to Choose Between Microsoft Teams, Yammer, and Outlook

The official word is now out, Microsoft Teams was announced today. The question once again popping up across the interwebs: what does this mean for Yammer?

6 Awesome Features You Might Not Have Known Were in Workplace by Facebook

Facebook at Work is now Workplace by Facebook, and the rollout recently made the rounds of business news outlets like Fast Company and Forbes.

Why Asynchronous Video is Awesome for Business Communications Part 2

In the last installment of this series, “Why Asynchronous Video is Awesome for Business Communications Part 1,” Jarom Reid and Alexandra Kruse shared some of their thoughts about asynchronous video.

Why Asynchronous Video is Awesome for Business Communications Part 1

Every day, it seems, we’re finding new, better ways to communicate. Memos are transitioning into internal blogs, email is moving over to collaborative platforms like Yammer and Facebook at Work, and now video is opening up even more ways to share information within an organization.

How to Use Yammer for Internal Collaboration

Yammer can be a tricky beast. People accustomed to living in their inboxes might find the experience off-putting, or feel that a social or collaborative network isn’t well suited for the enterprise.

5 Steps to Master Your Social Data

Here’s the one thing people don’t seem to talk about when it comes to internal social collaboration networks like Facebook at Work and Yammer—and I really couldn’t tell you why it’s not the No. 1 selling point.

3 Tips for Improving Internal Communications Information Flow

Sometimes at work we can get a little … backed up. When things aren’t flowing properly, it can be uncomfortable, to say the least. Fortunately, all it takes to get things moving again is the proper alignment and technique.

How to Use Asynchronous Video for Internal Communications

Even as far back as 2011, when the firm Melcrum conducted a survey on the effectiveness of video for internal communications, 93 percent of internal communication professionals reported that video is essential. And in the five years since that survey, video has proliferated throughout nearly every aspect of our digital lives.

How Community Managers Can Win Over the Negative Nancy

Being a great community manager means getting along with people, even the ones who don’t like you.

4 Quick Ways to Increase Collaboration as a Community Manager

The workplace is changing.

Carpool Increases Engagement, Transparency, Work-Life Balance Through Office Anywhere

After one month spent working remotely, employees at the internal communications consulting agency Carpool reported increased communication and accessibility, higher job satisfaction, less email, and increased productivity, among other positive effects of the Office Anywhere.

Professional and Personal Behavior, Creating Your Personal Brand

Have you ever wondered if the people you work with act the same when they clock out as they do when they’re at work? Likewise, should our behavior and personality be the same in public as it is behind closed office doors?

How Employers Can Best Handle a Remote Workforce

Back in July, Carpool began the Office Anywhere experiment: one month in which all Carpool employees were heavily encouraged to work outside the office.

5 Ways to Improve Communication in a Remote Work Environment

Technology has opened up a new world. This is a world in which we no longer have to occupy the same physical space to get work done and find new ways to improve communication.

Beards and Good Business

Science has taught us many things, but few that have been as insightful as the power of the beard. According to science, beards are tooootally hot, except when there’s a lot of them—then unbearded faces are waaaay sexy. There are business applications to be gleaned from this observation, but first let’s really dive into the science of the beard. Be warned, this could get a little hairy.

4 Ways You Can Implement Facebook at Work to Enhance Your Network Collaboration

Email is great, except when it’s not. In those times email isn’t great, it’s really not great. Not much about email has changed since it first emerged in the mid ’90s. Sure, we can attach images and embed links, but the basic concept is still the same.

Carpool Asks Employees to Work Remotely for One Month

“See you in a month!”

6 Tips to Build a Successful Online Community … and Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

It’s been a long, hard winter, and summer is looking to be worse.

3 Skills that Will Help You Survive the Robot Uprising

The robots aren’t just coming—they’re here already. Take a glimpse of the future and you’ll likely see a world in which machines, not humans, handle many of the tasks that currently require a flesh-and-blood brain to complete.

What We Can Learn About the Enterprise Network Feedback Loop from Dustin Hoffman

In a 2006 interview with James Lipton on Inside the Actor’s Studio, Dustin Hoffman recalled a dinner he had with the late Laurence Olivier.

10 facts and stats that will change your outlook on social strategies for corporate internal communications

Enterprise social, as a term, suffers from buzzword syndrome. These internal communications networks have proliferated across so many organizations, that it can be easy to lose sight of what actually makes them useful for day-to-day business.

The Great Jargon Throw Down

Jargon is everywhere. In a lot of ways, it is the language that drives business: a common vernacular that separates those in the know from those who don’t know. There’s just one teeny tiny little problem: No one knows what the hell you’re talking about when you use it. It is an inherently prohibitive way of speaking and writing and, in that way, it is an ineffective way of communicating and collaborating.

5 Keys to Working Out Loud

Back in June, in the waning days of FY15 and with a brand new fiscal year about to begin, Satya Nadella sent out a few words of wisdom to all of Microsoft. In his statement, Satya outlined a vision for the future of the company; which, in many ways, is a vision for the future of the modern workplace.

How to Leverage the Butterfly Effect

To understand the information flow of a complex business environment, look no further than the mighty butterfly. And to do that, we should consult Dr. Ian Malcolm.

The Trolleyology Conundrum and the Zen of Compartmentalization

Every parent knows that the supermarket is a minefield of distractions with a kid in tow. The simple act of buying a gallon of milk with a child also means running through a gauntlet of treats and junk food that seem strategically placed for the sole purpose of pulling your shopping trip off course.