Do Work Better
Everything we do at Carpool, we do to help people make work a better place to be. This is why we have a multifaceted team of people who are experts in environment design, community management, technology development, project management, and more.
Our Impact

With such clients as Microsoft, Facebook, Dell, and Hewlett-Packard, Carpool has helped hundreds of companies and organizations develop internal communications tools and strategies to streamline their business operations and improve the flow of information in the workplace.

Carpool has built hundreds of team sites for a variety of clients around the world. Our tools have helped complex, international organizations strategically create and share more than 34,000 pieces of business-critical content.

How Carpool Helped a Global Advertising Group Increase Engagement Through Shared Storytelling

Through a combination of long-term engagement and customized internal communications tools, Carpool was able to evolve the way employees of an international advertising agency worked by changing the way they share information in a more fluid and efficient way.

How Carpool Helped an International Business Group Overhaul Internal Communication and Create New Efficiencies

By restructuring how information flowed across their global organization, this business group was able to more efficiently compile and distribute business-critical data using Carpool's tools and strategies.

Hacking SharePoint to Make Internal Content Go Viral

In 2011, Carpool showed one of Microsoft's largest sales and marketing groups how they could improve not only the look and feel of their internal content, but also that by doing so they could evolve the way their teams communicated.